Canelo vs Charlo LIVE! Result, updates and reaction after huge all-undisputed showdown (2024)

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Canelo vs Charlo latest news Mayweather protege Curmel Moton makes statement on debut Canelo beats Charlo by unanimous decision Canelo vs Charlo Canelo vs Charlo Canelo vs Charlo Canelo vs Charlo Canelo vs Charlo Canelo vs Charlo Canelo vs Charlo Canelo vs Charlo Canelo vs Charlo Canelo vs Charlo Canelo vs Charlo Canelo vs Charlo Canelo vs Charlo Canelo vs Charlo Canelo vs Charlo Canelo vs Charlo Canelo vs Charlo Canelo vs Charlo next Lubin beats Ramos via unanimous decision Ramos vs Lubin Ramos vs Lubin Ramos vs Lubin Ramos vs Lubin Ramos vs Lubin Ramos vs Lubin Ramos vs Lubin Ramos vs Lubin Ramos vs Lubin Ramos vs Lubin Ramos vs Lubin Ramos vs Lubin Ramos Jr vs Lubin Ramos Jr vs Lubin Barrios earns wide points win over Ugas Ugas vs Barrios Ugas vs Barrios Ugas vs Barrios Ugas vs Barrios Ugas vs Barrios Ugas vs Barrios Ugas vs Barrios Ugas vs Barrios Ugas vs Barrios Ugas vs Barrios Ugas vs Barrios Ugas vs Barrios Ugas vs Barrios Ugas vs Barrios Ugas vs Barrios Ugas vs Barrios Ugas vs Barrios Ugas vs Barrios Ugas vs Barrios up next Garcia vs Resendiz Garcia stops Resendiz in round eight Garcia vs Resendiz Garcia vs Resendiz Garcia vs Resendiz Garcia vs Resendiz Garcia vs Resendiz Garcia vs Resendiz Garcia vs Resendiz Garcia vs Resendiz Garcia vs Resendiz opens main card Bivol targets Canelo-Charlo winner at 168 Canelo: Bivol loss a pain in my heart... I am simply better than him Canelo not thinking about Benavidez showdown yet Ramos Jr vs Lubin headlines undercard Main card coming up Prelim results Charlo on rift with twin Jermall: I don’t want to deal with the havoc Canelo: Height difference not a problem for me Charlo: Canelo has never faced a fighter of my caliber Canelo vs Charlo prediction Undercard in full Canelo vs Charlo start time How to watch Canelo vs Charlo Canelo vs Charlo live

Canelo vs Charlo LIVE!

Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez eased to a wide points win over Jermell Charlo in Las Vegas. A hugely anticipated battle between two of boxing’s undisputed world champions proved hopelessly one-sided at the T-Mobile Arena on Saturday night, with Canelo dominating from the outset and dropping his opponent in round seven before taking a unanimous decision victory on the judges’ scorecards.

It was an easy night’s work for the Mexican superstar, who proved he still deserves his place in the sport’s elite as he successfully retained his super-middleweight belts once again and issued a stern riposte to critics in the process. For Charlo, meanwhile, the two-division jump was simply too much to bridge in the end and he now intends to return to light-middleweight, where is hoping for a meeting with undisputed welterweight king Terence Crawford.

Away from that title battle, Saturday’s undercard featured plenty of intriguing fights, including Jesus Ramos Jr losing his unbeaten record after dropping a controversial decision against Erickson ‘Hammer’ Lubin. Mario Barrios beat Yordenis Ugas well to become the WBC interim welterweight champion, middleweight sensation Elijah Garcia stopped Jose Armando Resendiz and there were early prelim wins for all of Frank Sanchez, Terrell Gausha and Oleksandr Gvozdyk. Follow Canelo vs Charlo reaction live with Standard Sport’s blog below!

Canelo vs Charlo latest news

  • Crawford savages Charlo: You should be ashamed

  • Canelo cruises to easy win over Charlo to retain belts

  • Lubin controversially ends Ramos Jr’s undefeated run

  • Barrios earns impressive wide points win over Ugas

  • Garcia stops Resendiz in eighth round of thriller

Mayweather protege Curmel Moton makes statement on debut

07:14 , George Flood

Tonight’s action at the T-Mobile Arena ended with a statement first-round knockout on his professional debut from Floyd Mayweather protege Curmel Moton.

With Mayweather looking on from ringside, the much-hyped 17-year-old prospect jumped on poor Ezequiel Flores from the outset and dropped him once before piling on more punishment to force the referee to step in at the 1:48 mark.

Big things are expected of this young man and that’s quite the start to the pro journey.

07:07 , George Flood

More withering words from Crawford on Charlo...

He wrote on X: “Ok y’all I’m over @TwinCharlo he’s no longer on my hit list. He went out there and laid down and let Canelo spank him like he was his daddy with no type of resistance.”

Addressing Canelo, he then said: “Congratulations @Canelo you made the so called lion look like a baby cub.”

He’s certainly not holding back!

Ok y’all I’m over @TwinCharlo he’s no longer on my hit list. He went out there and laid down and let Canelo spank him like he was his daddy with no type of resistance.😂

— Terence Crawford (@terencecrawford) October 1, 2023

06:16 , George Flood


Terence Crawford absolutely savaging Jermell Charlo’s performance tonight after that call out.

He wrote to him on X: “You went out sad. Didn’t even try to win, all you did was try to survive. You should be ashamed of yourself.”

@TwinCharlo you went out sad. Didn’t even try to win, all you did was try to survive. You should be ashamed of yourself.

— Terence Crawford (@terencecrawford) October 1, 2023

06:13 , George Flood

An honest interview in the ring from Charlo, who thought he did some good work tonight but admits that the two-weight jump was just too much in the end.

He confirms that he will be returning back to 154, where he expresses a desire to fight a certain Terence Crawford, if the undisputed welterweight champion was indeed to move up after his dismantling of Errol Spence Jr last month.

06:09 , George Flood

A triumphant Canelo reiterates his love for boxing in his post-fight interview with Jim Gray, insisting again that no one can beat this version of him.

He reveals how hard he trained for this bout and how the gameplan was to keep going to the body.

He also confirms that he will return to the ring for Cinco de Mayo weekend as usual next year.

Asked if that could be against David Benavidez, he says: “I don’t give a f**k.”

Benavidez, of course, has a tricky test to come against Demetrius ‘Boo Boo’ Andrade in November, but WBC president Mauricio Sulaiman has previously said that he would be Canelo’s mandatory challenger next.

What a fight that would be! Or how about the Dmitry Bivol rematch? We shall see...

Canelo beats Charlo by unanimous decision

05:51 , George Flood

We go to the scorecards.

119-108, 118-109 x2 - all in favour of Canelo, who retains his undisputed super-middleweight titles by unanimous decision.

He moves to 60-2-2.

“Nobody can beat this Canelo,” he says with a smile.

Canelo vs Charlo

05:49 , George Flood

Round 12

Canelo wants to get Charlo out of there late, walking him down all the time with his hands down.

He tries to trap him and let the power punches fly, but Charlo does enough to avoid the worst of it and make the final bell.

A dominant, easy win for Canelo, but you can tell his frustration at not securing the stoppage there.

Canelo vs Charlo

05:47 , George Flood

Round 11

A short right hand crashes in from Canelo as he hunts the late stoppage in Las Vegas.

Charlo’s frustration can be seen with an attempted big left hand that doesn’t come close to hitting the target.

This is as comfortable as it gets for Canelo, who hasn’t been troubled all night and has been standing between rounds.

The two-weight jump just far too much to bridge for Charlo tonight. It’s been mostly damage limitation and survival mode all night long.

Canelo vs Charlo LIVE! Result, updates and reaction after huge all-undisputed showdown (1)

Canelo vs Charlo

05:43 , George Flood

Round 10

This remains so, so comfortable for Canelo, as it has been all night.

All of the best punches and unrelenting pressure have come from him throughout a totally one-sided contest.

Trainer Derrick James, who also works with Anthony Joshua of course, tells Charlo in the corner before the 11th that he should just go for it now as he’s obviously losing the fight.

He tells his charge that Canelo is tired and to take advantage... not so sure about that, Derrick.

There’s no shame in a wide points loss here for Charlo.

He can’t knock Canelo out so I’m not sure it’s wise to go looking for it and risk being on the wrong end of a spectacular stoppage himself.

Canelo vs Charlo

05:38 , George Flood

Round 9

Good movement from Charlo in the ninth, he’s managing to work the jab at times and deflect some of Canelo’s best work.

But there can be no doubting who remains in complete and utter control of this fight, Canelo landing flush again to test Charlo’s chin.

Again, Charlo’s biggest problem that can’t be overcome is that Canelo has no respect whatsoever for his power.

There’s no way he can beat him with that being the case.

Canelo vs Charlo

05:33 , George Flood

Round 8

Charlo has landed a number of good shots tonight in fairness, the problem is that Canelo just brushes them off and walks straight through them - trying to make your power felt at 168 is obviously a whole different task than at 154.

The American is trying his hardest to stay light on his feet and keep moving, but the lack of power in those punches just means he cannot keep Canelo away or at bay for long.

He tries to throw a right hand and gets smashed with a vicious left hook in the process.

Hearty and courageous stuff from Charlo, but he’s lost every round most probably and surely doesn’t possess the power at this weight for a shock knockout.

There is no path to victory and hasn’t been for some time.

Canelo vs Charlo

05:28 , George Flood

Round 7

It’s a 10-8 round, but Charlo deserves a lot of credit for making it to the bell there, tying up Canelo and even managing to land a couple of solid shots on his chin.

Replays show it was a colossal overhand right from Canelo that landed flush on the ropes after a couple of pawing jabs, with Charlo wisely deciding to take a knee to try and shake that off.

Canelo vs Charlo LIVE! Result, updates and reaction after huge all-undisputed showdown (2)

Canelo vs Charlo

05:25 , George Flood

Round 7


He takes the eight count from the referee but there are almost two minutes left in the round as Canelo senses a possible statement finish.

It’s only the second time that Charlo has ever been down in his 37-fight professional career.

Canelo vs Charlo

05:20 , George Flood

Round 5

Charlo is trying to land that decent left hook again in the fifth and get to work behind the jab.

Canelo is walking through anything he’s got though, constantly backing him up and sinking in shots to both head and body - including a shuddering left hook upstairs.

But Charlo has his best flurry of the fight towards the end of the fifth, putting together a fast combination that riles the Mexican.

A better round from Charlo, but he’s probably still 5-0 down on the cards. He can’t keep Canelo off him for long enough or establish a decent rhythm while throwing enough punches.

It’s stick and move stuff that just ain’t gonna fly here.

Canelo vs Charlo

05:16 , George Flood

Round 4

These are spiteful combinations from Canelo, straight power punches being teed up by smart little hooks.

The pressure continues to be relentless, though a decent counter hook does finally land from Charlo.

Canelo switching up his attacks well from body to head, almost finding the mark with a massive overhand right that may well have ended the fight there and then.

Instead it just grazed the left cheek of Charlo, who is trying to fire off those uppercuts on the inside but can’t quite land them flush.

It’s all so frustrating for him.

Canelo vs Charlo LIVE! Result, updates and reaction after huge all-undisputed showdown (3)

Canelo vs Charlo

05:12 , George Flood

Round 3

Charlo cannot live with Canelo at the moment, he’s caught with a right hand and is left clinging on.

He’s backed up against the ropes again and this does not look good at all for him so far.

Charlo is trying to jab and fires off a nice little uppercut on the inside, but he’s under so much pressure and can’t keep Canelo off him.

He’s sinking in some heavy shots to both head and body - Charlo is feeling the thudding weight of these for sure.

Easy 3-0 Canelo.

Canelo vs Charlo

05:07 , George Flood

Round 2

Canelo is nice and aggressive again in the second, pressuring Charlo and cutting off the space - a tactic we are usually accustomed to seeing as these bouts wear on.

This is a bit ominous for Charlo just at the moment, he’s struggling to establish the jab on the outside and is under a lot of pressure already - Canelo looking to trap him against the ropes again and let his hands go.

A couple of nice body shots found their mark in that round, with Charlo yet to really fire off anything.

Canelo vs Charlo

05:04 , George Flood

Round 1

It’s all too apprehensive from Charlo early on and Canelo decides to take the initiative, applying the pressure and forcing his opponent against the ropes a couple of times.

Nothing really to hurt Charlo though so far, ‘Iron Man’ content just to size up Canelo initially in the opener and try to find his range.

This is more aggressive than you typically see from Canelo early on in big fights.

Much of the time he’s content to start slow and work out his rival before upping the tempo and pressure as we go along.

Canelo vs Charlo

05:01 , George Flood

Round 1

Purple and gold trunks and gloves for Canelo tonight, purple boots.

Charlo is in black and silver sparkly trunks with silver gloves and black boots.

It’s cagey stuff from the outset between two traditionally slow starters, which the crowd don’t like...

Canelo vs Charlo

04:59 , George Flood

A massive reception for Canelo once again during the pre-fight introductions.


Undisputed world champion vs undisputed world champion - who will hold all the belts at super-middleweight by the end of the night?

We are underway...

Canelo vs Charlo

04:55 , George Flood

Not many people backing Charlo to pull off the shock tonight and follow Terence Crawford as only the second two-weight undisputed world champion of the four-belt era.

Have your say below...

Who will win tonight's blockbuster main event in Las Vegas?


— Standard Sport (@standardsport) October 1, 2023

Canelo vs Charlo

04:53 , George Flood

Here comes Canelo, dressed in a gold and purple bejewelled poncho and accompanied by two rappers.

He gets a great reception from this T-Mobile Arena crowd as always in Las Vegas, his home away from home.

He’s looking as menacing and confident as ever as he bounces around the ring and off the ropes.

Just those iconic pre-fight introductions to come now from Jimmy Lennon Jr.

Canelo vs Charlo

04:48 , George Flood

The atmosphere is off the charts now after two spine-tingling national anthems and the usual hype-building pre-fight videos.

It’s time for the ring walks, with Charlo coming out first - something he won’t be accustomed to as an undisputed world champion himself.

He’s roundly booed by a heavily pro-Canelo crowd as he slowly makes his way to the middle, dressed in a dazzling black sparkly robe.

Canelo vs Charlo next

04:40 , George Flood

The debate over that controversial result in the co-feature will no doubt rumble on for some time, but now our attentions must quickly turn to tonight’s blockbuster main event in Las Vegas!

Canelo Alvarez vs Jermell Charlo is UP NEXT at the T-Mobile Arena.

Undisputed world champion vs undisputed world champion for all the marbles in the super-middleweight division.

It doesn’t get much bigger than this, folks.

National anthems up first.

Canelo vs Charlo LIVE! Result, updates and reaction after huge all-undisputed showdown (4)

04:38 , George Flood

Plenty of fighters are quickly coming out on social media to back that decision for Lubin, including the likes of Gervonta Davis, Shakur Stevenson and Edgar Berlanga Jr.

I must be missing something.

Top dawg fasho 🫡 @EricksonHammerL

— Gervonta Davis (@Gervontaa) October 1, 2023

04:36 , George Flood

Ramos is not anywhere near as angry about that as I assumed he would be.

He’s a nice bloke anyway, but you’d think he’d feel robbed.

He just says he’s learned not to let it go down to the judges after suffering the first defeat of his 21-fight career.

Lubin unsurprisingly feels that he controlled the fight and deserved to win the WBA/WBC super-welterweight eliminator.

He says he now wants another full world title shot and is tired of being disrespected by being labelled a gatekeeper.

“I’m one of the top dogs in this division,” he states confidently.

Lubin beats Ramos via unanimous decision

04:31 , George Flood

115-113, 116-112, 117-111 - all in favour of LUBIN!

Wow. Did not see that coming.

The crowd and commentators are stunned and more boos rain down from the stands.

Ramos coasted way too much at the end there, but to lose on all three cards?!

And 117-111?! Crazy.

Perhaps it’s the late hour here in the UK, but I cannot understand that.

Ramos vs Lubin

04:28 , George Flood

Round 12

More crowd boos greet the end of a low-key chess match between two southpaws that promised so much but never ignited.

Ramos was way too passive through the last few rounds - has it cost him?!

“Man, you’re a hell of a fighter,” Cunningham tells Ramos after the final bell.

We go to the scorecards. I’d expect Ramos to take this comfortably still, but his thoroughly taking the foot off the gas through the latter stages might make it closer than I originally thought.

Ramos vs Lubin

04:23 , George Flood

Round 11

More crowd jeers during another passive, quiet round.

Lubin is still not doing enough and Ramos has completely taken his foot off the gas.

This could have been an absolute corker of a fight, but instead it’s been a bit of a snoozefest in truth.

The entertaining Kevin Cunningham is perplexed in the corner as to why Lubin cannot throw his left hand after the jab.

“He cannot move out the way,” he points out.

Canelo vs Charlo LIVE! Result, updates and reaction after huge all-undisputed showdown (5)

Ramos vs Lubin

04:20 , George Flood

Round 10

This is not a great fight, it must be said.

Lubin looking a bit gun-shy again in the 10th but Ramos is now not doing much to impress either, he’s slowed down noticeably.

More urgency needed from Lubin. The crowd are not impressed as jeers start raining down from the stands at the T-Mobile Arena.

Ramos vs Lubin

04:16 , George Flood

Round 9

Some bright moments from Lubin in the ninth, he takes on Cunningham’s advice to start letting his hands go a bit more.

Ramos’ high work rate has dipped and he’s being tagged a lot with the solid jab.

Not a dominant round from Lubin and he’s still struggling with consistency, but you’d give him the ninth.

Still think Ramos has a handy lead, mind. I’ll be fascinated to see what side the judges come down on.

Ramos vs Lubin

04:12 , George Flood

Round 8

I’m still not really seeing it from Lubin, sorry.

To my eye test Ramos is still looking so much sharper, landing at almost double the rate and comfortably the bigger puncher.

He’s having the better of most of the exchanges and Lubin is shy to let fire, again backing up to the ropes but not working effectively enough.

The animated Kevin Cunningham is furious with his charge again, bellowing before the ninth: “This s**t is about to be over.

“You’ve got to let your hands go.”

04:09 , George Flood

Different strokes for different folks I guess....

Lubin is boxing nice, always been one of my favorite fighters. Never ducked anyone.

— CalebPlant (@SweetHandsPlant) October 1, 2023

Ramos vs Lubin

04:08 , George Flood

Round 7

A good start to the seventh from Lubin, perhaps I’ve not been giving him enough credit here. The lack of activity and power early on may have disguised the positive work he was doing.

However, he was on the receiving end of a couple of sharp combinations there from Ramos, who has a real weapon with that spiteful uppercut that’s driven into the target a couple of times.

Canelo vs Charlo LIVE! Result, updates and reaction after huge all-undisputed showdown (6)

Ramos vs Lubin

04:03 , George Flood

Round 6

The familiar pattern of this fight has long since been established and at the moment Lubin is doing very little indeed to try and turn the tide.

Having said that, a quick glance at social media shows that opinions on this fight are extremely wide-ranging - some have Ramos well ahead, others have Lubin in a comfortable lead and some have it tied at three apiece heading into the seventh.

Kevin Cunningham and Lubin both seem to agree in the corner before round seven that Ramos is nowhere near as quick as they thought.

Ramos vs Lubin

03:58 , George Flood

Round 5

Lubin’s corner have got to tell him to stay away from the ropes - he’s trapped there again at the end of the fifth.

Lubin cracked a good body shot early in the round and did get a couple of punches off, but every time Ramos returned the favour with interest.

He looks a class above at the moment, keeping the huge pressure on and easily outlanding and outworking his opponent.

As expected, Lubin’s long-time trainer Kevin Cunningham is furious with his work on the ropes.

Some engine on Ramos, who is moving all over the place and throwing plenty through five. Can he sustain the pace?

Ramos vs Lubin

03:55 , George Flood

Round 4

Not really sure what the gameplan is at the moment from Lubin, who is being completely outworked and outthought by Ramos so far.

A couple of nice quick-fire uppercuts in the fourth from ‘Mono’, who is faster, sharper and more accurate.

Lubin will feel he’s not been hurt yet, but Ramos will be putting these rounds firmly in the bag with the judges with his pressure and work rate.

He continues to work the body effectively.

Canelo vs Charlo LIVE! Result, updates and reaction after huge all-undisputed showdown (7)

Ramos vs Lubin

03:50 , George Flood

Round 3

Another nice round from Ramos, who after a cagey opener has quickly upped the work rate and started to go through the gears.

He’s far, far busier as he continues to attack the body well, piling the pressure on Lubin and forcing him against the ropes.

Not everything is landing, but he’s way more active and sharp, always on the front foot and looking to let his hands go.

Not seeing much from Lubin in these last couple of rounds, beside one or two sharp counters.

03:48 , George Flood

Undisputed lightweight world champion Devin Haney and Mexican icon Julio Cesar Chavez are among the boxing luminaries snapped at ringside tonight in Las Vegas...

Canelo vs Charlo LIVE! Result, updates and reaction after huge all-undisputed showdown (8)

Canelo vs Charlo LIVE! Result, updates and reaction after huge all-undisputed showdown (9)

Ramos vs Lubin

03:46 , George Flood

Round 2

Ramos looks much bigger in there and is walking down Lubin and pressuring him constantly now, trying to tee him up for the big right hands as he digs to both head and body.

A stinging uppercut drives back Lubin midway through the second.

Ramos tries to punish the body throughout the round, letting go a flurry to the midriff before the bell.

Definitely a Ramos round.

Ramos vs Lubin

03:43 , George Flood

Round 1

A cagey opener with both fighters just feeling each other out as expected and trying to work early behind the jab.

Lubin probably the busier and just shades it.

03:40 , George Flood

Really nice to see this as Jermell Charlo shares an embrace with twin Jermall in his dressing room before tonight’s huge main event.

Hopefully the brothers can now patch things up. We weren’t even sure if Jermall would be in attendance, but he won’t be missing the biggest night in either of their careers to date.

Keeping the family close pre-fight 🦁💛@TwinCharlo x @FutureOfBoxing #CaneloCharlo:

— SHOWTIME Boxing (@ShowtimeBoxing) October 1, 2023

Ramos Jr vs Lubin

03:37 , George Flood

Two entertaining ring walks before this one, former Mike Tyson protege Lubin looking cool as you like in a pair of sunglasses and Ramos Jr with a nod to Mexico, accompanied by a singing chap in a cowboy hat.

A decent atmosphere building inside the T-Mobile Arena ahead of this world title eliminator at 154lbs between two decent southpaws.

Can Lubin threaten the undefeated record of Ramos and challenge for world honours again after previous defeats by Jermell Charlo and Sebastian Fundora?

We’re about to find out. Off we go!

Red and black shorts for Lubin, gold and white for the confident Ramos.

Ramos Jr vs Lubin

03:31 , George Flood

It’s time for the co-main event of the night in Las Vegas!

Undefeated super-welterweight contender Jesus Ramos Jr takes on Erickson ‘Hammer’ Lubin in a WBA/WBC eliminator.

This should be very tasty indeed.

Canelo vs Charlo LIVE! Result, updates and reaction after huge all-undisputed showdown (10)

Barrios earns wide points win over Ugas

03:17 , George Flood

Here come the official scores!

Very wide, 117-108, 118-107 x2 - all in favour of Barrios, who picks up the WBC interim welterweight title and moves to 28-2.

Will he get a shot at Terence Crawford down the line, or will he pick up the full title if ‘Bud’ vacates and moves up?

Great character from Barrios to bounce back from those successive defeats by Gervonta Davis and Keith Thurman.

Judging by the hat and t-shirt he’s just put on during the post-fight interview, he thinks he’s the full champion already.

Ugas vs Barrios

03:11 , George Flood

Round 12

A brilliant, brilliant finish from Barrios, who stuns Ugas again and buckles his legs with a couple of massive shots with the clock winding down.

Ugas is absolutely out on his feet and just trying to desperately cling on for the final bell.

He just about manages it by the skin of his teeth, then stumbling uncertainly back to the corner.

A statement final round from Barrios, who will take this comfortably on the cards.

He’ll be a bit disappointed that he couldn’t finish it there, but what a performance nonetheless - the best of his career?

He’s going to become the WBC interim welterweight champion, bar a judging calamity.

Ugas’ right eye is swollen almost shut. Another minute or so there and he would have been stopped.

Canelo vs Charlo LIVE! Result, updates and reaction after huge all-undisputed showdown (11)

Ugas vs Barrios

03:08 , George Flood

Round 12

One last check of that right eye from the doctor before the final round.

He shines the light again and Ugas isn’t happy about it.

A left hook puts Ugas down early in the 12th!

Barrios is sensing a last-gasp finish here, Ugas is hurt and exhausted and continues to lose his mouthpiece despite repeated warnings from the referee.

Now Ugas has had a point deducted for continually spitting it out.

Ugas vs Barrios

03:06 , George Flood

Round 11

More good work from Barrios, who hurts Ugas at the end of the 11th!

He’s soaring with confidence at the moment and closing out this contest very well indeed.

Ugas is hurt, frustrated with that eye and warned for low punches.

Ugas vs Barrios

03:04 , George Flood

Round 11

Into the penultimate round we go of this fascinating welterweight scrap.

The doctor wants to check out that worsening right eye of Ugas again.

It must be a huge concern for the Cuban, 17 months after the orbital fracture he suffered in defeat by Errol Spence Jr.

Ugas vs Barrios

03:03 , George Flood

Round 10

A frustrated Ugas is being outworked and outthought by the younger and faster Barrios - nine years the Cuban’s junior - here for long spells.

It’s really tidy stuff from ‘El Azteca’, who is much busier behind the effective jab and piecing the combinations together, inflicting more damage to that ugly right eye of Ugas.

Ugas is still a danger with his right hand and keeps winding up those big overhand rights that don’t find the mark. If one does though, you still feel it could settle the fight.

As it is, Barrios is well on top.

Ugas vs Barrios

02:59 , George Flood

Round 10

The ringside doctor wants a look at Ugas before the 10th with that troublesome right eye presenting more problems.

He’s allowed to continue - a little too quickly for the referee’s liking.

Canelo vs Charlo LIVE! Result, updates and reaction after huge all-undisputed showdown (12)

Ugas vs Barrios

02:57 , George Flood

Round 9

Barrios is still jabbing frequently and effectively as Ugas continues to try and tee up that massive overhand right.

Barrios ends the round with an accomplished three-punch combination - a hook to the body, jolting uppercut and powerful straight right that pushes Ugas back once more.

There was a left to the body that looked quite low on replay from the Cuban, who tries to let his hands go before the bell in the ninth.

Barrios’ movement remains good and he evades most of it.

Ugas vs Barrios

02:53 , George Flood

Round 8

This is gruelling stuff now, both men digging deep.

Barrios is fighting well on the outside and that right eye of Ugas continues to swell.

It’s intriguing tactical fare but Barrios is surely ahead, his effective jab winning the day at the moment.

Ugas vs Barrios

02:49 , George Flood

Round 7

Captivating stuff and there’s a stiff right hand from Ugas with a minute left to go in the seventh.

Barrios has his head rocked but shakes it off quickly and Ugas goes back to the body.

The Cuban sets up the combination with a stylish double jab but Barrios throws back with confidence.

Ugas just misses the target with another big overhand right before the bell, but does manage to sneak in another right.

It’s worth noting here that Ugas’ right eye is looking damaged - it’s the same eye that was so badly injured in that defeat by Errol Spence Jr 17 months ago.

Ugas vs Barrios

02:45 , George Flood

Round 6

A stumbling Ugas is forced back by a beauty of a straight right hand early in the sixth.

Chess match stuff at the moment as Ugas puts the pressure on and tries to effectively bait Barrios into letting his hands go so he can counter effectively.

Ugas detonates a massive overhand right before the bell in the sixth!

He then lands another shot that was a good couple of seconds after the bell, leading to a warning from the referee.

Canelo vs Charlo LIVE! Result, updates and reaction after huge all-undisputed showdown (13)

Ugas vs Barrios

02:41 , George Flood

Round 5

Barrios is trying to work behind that fast left jab, but he looks in danger every time Ugas steps on the gas and goes back to the body.

More nice counters from Ugas in the fifth and he ends the round with a banging right hand upstairs.

The corner seem happy with Barrios’ work through five, but they are repeatedly urging him to double and triple up on that effective jab.

Meanwhile, the T-Mobile Arena is now filling up nicely in advance of tonight’s blockbuster main event.

Ugas vs Barrios

02:37 , George Flood

Round 4

The action has heated up very nicely indeed in this 12-round welterweight battle after the quiet opener.

Ugas knows how vulnerable Barrios is to those body shots and keeps trying to land them, with Barrios now attempting to re-assert himself with the jab and solid combinations upstairs.

But Barrios is stung by a delicious counter right hook to the chin from Ugas, who ducked the left hook first, with 30 seconds left in the fourth.

That forced Barrios back and made him think, definitely buzzed him. Decent work from the Cuban again.

Barrios tries to come back once more and lands a straight shot before the bell.

Ugas vs Barrios

02:32 , George Flood

Round 3

An embarrassed Ugas comes out firing early in the third, trying to apply the pressure after that shock and completely soft knockdown.

Barrios tries to fight fire with fire but he’s rocked with a crushing left hook to the body with about 45 seconds left in the round!

He’s hurt and in trouble as Ugas steps on the gas and attempts to thunder in more big body shots, exploiting Barrios’ big weakness as Tank and Thurman did before him.

Barrios makes it to the bell. Exactly the comeback round that Ugas needed. He’s quickly woken up.

Canelo vs Charlo LIVE! Result, updates and reaction after huge all-undisputed showdown (14)

Ugas vs Barrios

02:28 , George Flood

Round 2

Ugas putting on the pressure in the second, looking to let fly with those pristine white gloves adorned with the flag of Cuba.

He’s trying to cut off the ring while Barrios remains light on his feet and tries to utilise his reach advantage, unload from range and stay out the way of any sharp counters.

A big overhand right finds the mark from Ugas!

Barrios eats it and lands a straight left as Ugas goes to the body late in the round... BUT UGAS IS THEN FLOORED BY A BIG JAB JUST BEFORE THE BELL!

Wow, didn’t see that coming. It was actually just a short left jab on the chin that didn’t look too powerful that totally surprised Ugas and sent him down.

He looks bemused and furious with himself. As well he should be - a huge confidence-booster for Barrios.

Ugas vs Barrios

02:24 , George Flood

Round 1

A cautious opener from both men, the fast Barrios light on his feet, jabbing well and moving sprightly but without landing too much of substance.

Ugas aims his attentions at the body early on and counters nicely on a few occasions.

Not much between them in the first. Perhaps the Cuban just shaded it overall?

Ugas vs Barrios

02:21 , George Flood

Here we go!

Ugas in white gloves and shorts, adorned with the usual number 54 - his nickname ‘54 Milagros’ relates to his friend and baseball player Aroldis Chapman and his mother.

Barrios opts for black and turquoise shorts, gloves and boots.

Ugas vs Barrios

02:19 , George Flood

A quick Aztec-themed ring walk from ‘El Azteca’ Barrios, who hails from San Antonio in Texas but has plenty of Mexican heritage.

Ugas proudly displaying the flag of Cuba and a rather jazzy all-white robe as we await Jimmy Lennon Jr’s pre-fight introductions.

Ugas vs Barrios

02:13 , George Flood

This fight is for the WBC interim welterweight championship as both men to hope to line up a shot down the line against new undisputed 147lbs king Terence Crawford, who added the WBA, WBC, IBF and The Ring belts to his long-held WBO strap with that utterly flawless dismantling of Errol Spence Jr at this same venue in July.

Or will Crawford move up and leave those belts vacant?

Before the ring walks we will have a 10-bell salute for late trainer Mike Stafford and legendary boxing and MMA commentator “Colonel” Bob Sheridan.

Ugas vs Barrios up next

02:10 , George Flood

Next up it’s the return of Yordenis Ugas.

The Cuban, who had already challenged unsuccessfully for a world title against Shawn Porter in 2019, beat Abel Ramos in 2020 to win the vacant WBA regular welterweight belt.

He was later upgraded to super champion and outpointed the great Manny Pacquiao in his first defence, before being stopped in the 10th round by Errol Spence Jr in Texas last April.

Ugas sustained an orbital fracture on that night 17 months ago and hasn’t fought since.

Tonight he is back against Mario Barrios, the former WBA super-lightweight champion after beating Batyr Akhmedov and Ryan Karl who lost his title to Gervonta ‘Tank’ Davis in the summer of 2021 and also then lost to Keith Thurman.

His last fight was a comeback win over Jovanie Santiago in San Antonio in February, picking up the WBC Continental Americas welterweight title.

Canelo vs Charlo LIVE! Result, updates and reaction after huge all-undisputed showdown (15)

02:03 , George Flood

A very humble post-fight interview there with Elijah Garcia, who heaps praise on Resendiz and admits that was the toughest test of his young career so far by a long way.

We move on with tonight’s main card as the television cameras show both Canelo Alvarez and Jermell Charlo arriving backstage at the T-Mobile Arena.

Just two more fights on deck now before that blockbuster main event.

Garcia vs Resendiz

01:56 , George Flood

Replays show it was a left hook to the body, right hook behind the elbow and then a thunderous short right hook upstairs that sent the durable Resendiz tumbling to the canvas there.

Beautiful, savage, accurate work.

Resendiz was then trapped against the ropes and bludgeoned with about seven monster hooks off both hands, unable to throw back or properly defend himself.

A smart decision from Tony Weeks to step in.

Quite the statement from Garcia, who stays undefeated and moves to 16-0.

Resendiz drops to 14-2, but that was a performance to be proud of from the Mexican.

Garcia stops Resendiz in round eight

01:51 , George Flood

Round 8

Resendiz is down with just under two minutes to go in the eighth!

He’s still got so much time left in the round to negotiate as Garcia senses blood and the stoppage and steps on the gas.

He continues to rattle in those crushing power shots upstairs and Resendiz cannot escape, leading to referee Tony Weeks stepping in and stopping the contest.

What a win for Garcia, who is some fearsome, powerful talent. Wow.

Canelo vs Charlo LIVE! Result, updates and reaction after huge all-undisputed showdown (16)

Garcia vs Resendiz

01:49 , George Flood

Round 7

Resendiz is getting tagged by so many spiteful combinations, but to his credit he is one tough customer who continues to walk through them all the time.

A jolting right hook makes him think midway through the seventh.

Garcia can’t miss with his primary weapon, the straight left.

Resendiz is snapping in some decent counters and hooks at times, but Garcia’s accuracy is now totally on point and he sinks in more short hooks, straight lefts and uppercuts.

Brilliant power and variety.

Garcia vs Resendiz

01:45 , George Flood

Round 6

More terrific work from Garcia early in the sixth, again finding a home for those straight lefts and uppercuts.

Garcia pieces together some awesome combinations, including that one that ends with a crushing right hook.

More and more eye-catching combos from Garcia now - straight left, uppercut, right hook. Gorgeous.

He’s taken this over, though Resendiz is hugely durable and remains a very dangerous customer indeed.

He isn’t giving this up, not by a long way.

Garcia is not letting the blood from his nose or a clear cut near his left eye affect him.

Canelo vs Charlo LIVE! Result, updates and reaction after huge all-undisputed showdown (17)

Garcia vs Resendiz

01:42 , George Flood

Round 5

There has been an incredible tempo to this fight... how long can both men keep it up?!

Aged 20 and 24 respectively, there should be plenty left in the tank.

Resendiz is still the aggressor by and large, but now Garcia’s quality is beginning to properly tell as he picks his moments for those spiteful three-and-four punch combinations.

The middleweight sensation from Arizona carries such power in both hands.

Into the second half of the fight we go, with Garcia urged by his corner to stop head-hunting so much and start thinking about the body.

Garcia vs Resendiz

01:38 , George Flood

Round 4

This remains a brutal firefight in the fourth, Resendiz having his head rocked by another huge straight left that lands flush.

Some superb shots still going in from both men, Resendiz often trying to be the aggressor and force the tempo but getting caught with some super counters and now another thumping uppercut.

Hooks, uppercuts, straight shots, jabs, body work - this is such impressive stuff from both exciting middleweight prospects.

You give the edge to Garcia, who I still think will end this fight eventually with one of those savage straight lefts or uppercuts, but Resendiz is not willing to back down or give an inch.

Courageous stuff from both men.

Garcia vs Resendiz

01:33 , George Flood

Round 3

There is blood streaming from the nose of Garcia early in the third.

Resendiz is planting his feet and ripping off some thudding shots into the body, moving and working the angles well.

Garcia is being peppered with punches as he tries to keep moving his head and find his own angles.

This is accurate stuff from Resendiz, keeping Garcia at bay with some hard, fast and accurate punches.

But there’s some lovely combinations pieced together by Garcia, wicked uppercuts and straight lefts.

Absolutely tremendous action with both men repeatedly content to stand and trade at close quarters.

A terrific combination lands from Resendiz late in the round, with Garcia ending the third by digging to the body.

You can’t keep your eyes off this one for a second. Huge credit to both fighters, who have evidently come here to entertain and make a statement on the big Las Vegas stage.

Long may it continue!

Canelo vs Charlo LIVE! Result, updates and reaction after huge all-undisputed showdown (18)

Garcia vs Resendiz

01:28 , George Flood

Round 2

Resendiz is trying to fight back in the second, attempting to hang in the pocket and unload on the inside.

But he’s still getting caught with some huge shots - that shuddering straight left is such a weapon for Garcia.

But this is great work from Resendiz, who repeatedly drives home his right hand and has Garcia hurt!

This is an absolute firefight in round two, Garcia now roaring back with some more punishing straight lefts and energy-sapping body shots.

Garcia drills in another spiteful straight left upstairs before the bell!

What a round. Fantastic action.

Garcia vs Resendiz

01:25 , George Flood

Round 1

A lovely straight left down the pipe from the powerful Garcia as he sets his stall out early here.

He switches his attacks nicely from head to body and back again, using that long reach and testing the jab.

Garcia is landing nicely on the inside, rattling in the hook and straight combinations and whipping off some lethal jabs.

Garcia detonates a big uppercut and then a succession of massive shots before the bell at the end of the first!

A thundering straight left absolutely rocked Resendiz there and almost sent him down, though he just managed to stay upright despite his knees buckling.

A massive statement from Garcia. This might be over in the second unless Resendiz can recover, fast.

Garcia vs Resendiz

01:22 , George Flood

Jimmy Lennon Jr is on the mic and we are about to get underway in this first fight of the main card.

The Mexican flag is held up proudly behind Resendiz, who hails from Rincon de Guayabitos in Nayarit.

He is lapping up the atmosphere on his T-Mobile Arena debut, but faces a tough test against undefeated prospect Garcia, whose green shorts are adorned with ‘602’ in reference to his home state of Arizona.

Red and black shorts for Resendiz.

Seconds out - round one!

Garcia vs Resendiz opens main card

01:08 , George Flood

The four-fight main card is about to get underway in Las Vegas!

First up it’s to the middleweight division, where undefeated 15-0 prospect Elijah Garcia, 20, battles Jose Armando Resendiz in an intriguing 10-rounder.

Mexican Resendiz is 14-1, having stopped Heber Rondon and Jarrett Hurd since suffering his first professional defeat on points against Marcos Hernandez in 2021.

Garcia already has wins over Kevin Salgado Zambrano and Amilcar Vidal Jr under his belt this year.

Canelo vs Charlo LIVE! Result, updates and reaction after huge all-undisputed showdown (19)

Bivol targets Canelo-Charlo winner at 168

Sunday 1 October 2023 00:59 , George Flood

Such was the comprehensive and supremely confident nature of the ultra-skilled Bivol’s win that many feel it pointless for Canelo to go and challenge him again up at light-heavyweight, where the same result is considered likely.

However, now the Russian has publicly expressed an interest in coming down a weight from 175lbs to 168 to challenge tonight’s winner and try to become undisputed at super-middleweight.

“It’s going to be an interesting fight,” Bivol wrote of Canelo-Charlo on X, formerly known as Twitter.

“I think Canelo should win. But I will be happy if Charlo wins. I am interested in a unification fight at 168.”

It's going to be an interesting fight. I think Canelo should win. But I will be happy if Charlo wins. I am interested in a unification fight at 168 #CaneloCharlo

— Dmitry Bivol (@bivol_d) September 30, 2023

Canelo: Bivol loss a pain in my heart... I am simply better than him

Sunday 1 October 2023 00:52 , George Flood

There is of course still one white whale looming large for Canelo in the shape of Dmitry Bivol, who beat him so convincingly to successfully defend his WBA light-heavyweight title at the T-Mobile Arena last May.

The pain of such a shock loss evidently still cuts deeply for Alvarez, who will surely try to right the wrong sooner rather than later having insisted again this week that he is the superior fighter and should have pulled out of the first bout due to injury.

“I wasn't 100 per cent physically speaking,” he said this week.

“My hand wasn't 100 per cent, I couldn't train 100 per cent. A week before the fight, I suffered a rib injury during training. I shouldn't have fought.

“That defeat is still a pain in my heart; I still haven’t gotten over that moment. It affected me deeply because I shouldn’t have lost, I am simply better than him.”

Canelo vs Charlo LIVE! Result, updates and reaction after huge all-undisputed showdown (20)

Canelo not thinking about Benavidez showdown yet

Sunday 1 October 2023 00:43 , George Flood

Let’s go back to tonight’s mammoth main event for a second.

WBC chief Mauricio Sulaiman has made it clear that David Benavidez is the mandatory challenger for tonight’s winner, potentially setting him on a collision course to finally face Canelo in another colossal bout in 2024.

However, first ‘Mexican Monster’ Benavidez - who outpointed Caleb Plant in March - has the challenge of former two-weight world champion Demetrius ‘Boo Boo’ Andrade to contend with in November.

For his part, Canelo insists he wants to continue to make the biggest fights, though is not yet looking beyond the threat of Charlo.

“I’m going to win, but I don’t know what is next,” he said. “I’m going to sit down with my team and talk about it because I’m 100 per cent focused on this fight.

“I want to make the best fights out there. We will see after this fight.”

Canelo vs Charlo LIVE! Result, updates and reaction after huge all-undisputed showdown (21)

Ramos Jr vs Lubin headlines undercard

Sunday 1 October 2023 00:30 , George Flood

I also presumed that Yordenis Ugas’ return against fellow former world champion Mario Barrios for the WBC interim welterweight title would likely be the chief support act of the night.

But it seems that co-feature status is instead going to Jesus Ramos Jr, the undefeated 20-0 super-welterweight southpaw who is in a battle against former Mike Tyson protege Erickson Lubin, who was knocked out in the first round when he challenged for Jermell Charlo’s WBC title in 2017.

‘The Hammer’ Lubin also lost to Sebastian Fundora when gunning for the interim WBC title last year, bouncing back by knocking out Luis Arias in Minnesota in May.

Ramos Jr dominated and stopped fellow undefeated fighter Joseph Spencer back in May and faces another step up tonight.

Canelo vs Charlo LIVE! Result, updates and reaction after huge all-undisputed showdown (22)

Main card coming up

Sunday 1 October 2023 00:19 , George Flood

There seems to be a little confusion about the way tonight’s bill is stacked up and the timing of the main card, which is presumably on the way very shortly despite DAZN coverage not starting until 1am.

I was a little surprised to see both Frank Sanchez and Oleksandr Gvozdyk confined to the early prelim portion of the night, I must admit.

There is also confusion and disappointment on social media about when we’ll see the eagerly-anticipated professional debut of Curmel Moton, Floyd Mayweather’s exciting 17-year-old protege who is already targeting a showdown with WBA featherweight champion Leigh Wood.

Apparently Mayweather Promotions CEO Leonard Ellerbe has told the press in Las Vegas tonight that Moton’s six-round super-featherweight meeting with Ezequiel Flores will be a walkout bout - which means it will be on after the main event.

Which is a bit of shame if you ask me.

Prelim results

Sunday 1 October 2023 00:05 , George Flood

The three-fight early prelim card has now been wrapped up at the T-Mobile Arena - that was much quicker than I expected.

Cuban heavyweight Frank Sanchez has just pummelled Scott Alexander into a fourth-round stoppage, with the latter’s corner throwing in the towel with their fighter being smashed against the ropes.

Veteran former light-middleweight title contender Terrell Gausha also earned the eight-round middleweight decision win over KeAndrae Leatherwood.

The night started with Ukraine’s Oleksandr Gvozdyk stopping Isaac Rodrigues with a right hook in round two of their light-heavyweight clash.

Canelo vs Charlo LIVE! Result, updates and reaction after huge all-undisputed showdown (23)

Charlo on rift with twin Jermall: I don’t want to deal with the havoc

Saturday 30 September 2023 23:53 , George Flood

One sad aspect of tonight’s blockbuster main event is it comes at a time when Jermell Charlo is not speaking to his identical twin brother and fellow world champion, Jermall.

The twins have always been close, but aren’t seeing eye-to-eye at the moment on the biggest night of either of their careers to date.

It was actually Jermall who was lined up to face Canelo first, though it is now more than two years since he has fought due to personal issues - though he still does hold the WBC middleweight title.

Jermell is hoping that one day they can patch things up, though he says at the moment he cannot deal with the “havoc” surrounding his brother - who last made headlines after being slapped by Caleb Plant backstage at the Spence-Crawford weigh-in last month - as he focuses on the significant challenge posed by Canelo.

“This family affair thing has been really crazy,” Jermell said this week, adding that he’s not sure if Jermall will even be in attendance tonight. “I try not to touch on that topic too much because at the end of the day I love my brother.

"At this current moment we don't see eye-to-eye. It has a lot to do with what he wants in his life and what I want in mine. It's two completely different things.

"Growing up and growing apart from each other is just a part of the nature. I tend to accept things just like I accept certain people and I accept the good that comes with the bad.

"So one day hopefully we speak again, but right now I'm just not in a moment or a mood to wanna deal with that havoc that he brings and all of that kind of stuff.

"But I'm an animal for my brother too, I rock with him. If he's not here for fight night, it's okay. He can't fight for me anyway so it don't hurt my feelings.

Canelo vs Charlo LIVE! Result, updates and reaction after huge all-undisputed showdown (24)

"Whatever it is, it is. Hopefully he gets ready to get back in the ring. Because it seems like I've been fighting the most and I've been putting on for the Charlos.

"That kinda stems to the issue - I did this for us, I did this for Lions Only. I don't want nobody attacking the brand and bringing us down.

"I feel like we have had a bunch of hiccups on his end that have tarnished our character and our name a little bit.

“But I’ll be the one that brings it back up and continues to do it for us. I love my brother and I want the best for him and I wanna see him continue to be the world champion that he is.”

Canelo: Height difference not a problem for me

Saturday 30 September 2023 23:36 , George Flood

Though he’s bravely jumping up two weight classes tonight, something the division-defying Canelo knows all about, the one thing Charlo does clearly have over his opponent is height.

Both men hit the scales at exactly 167.4lbs on Friday, obviously the highest of Charlo’s career and 14lbs above where he usually competes.

But while Canelo stands at 5ft 8ins, the American is much taller at 6ft - a towering figure on the light-middleweight scene.

Charlo has a two-and-a-half inch reach advantage tonight, though the champion does not expect the size difference to be a problem.

“I’ve been in the ring with a lot of styles, all kind of fighters,” Canelo said.

Canelo vs Charlo LIVE! Result, updates and reaction after huge all-undisputed showdown (25)

“My whole career, I’ve been fighting with (boxers) taller than me, so I know how.

“I never overlook any fighter. I know what he’s going to bring and I’m ready. He hasn’t experienced this kind of level of fight.“I want history for my career. I want to achieve a lot of things. This is another one of them and I can’t wait.”

Charlo: Canelo has never faced a fighter of my caliber

Saturday 30 September 2023 23:25 , George Flood

There surely isn’t much that the 33-year-old Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez hasn’t seen in a long, 63-fight professional career that started back in his native Mexico when he was aged just 15.

The man has repeatedly defied the odds by winning a plethora of world titles in four different weight classes from middleweight up to light-heavy, winning 59 times with 39 knockouts and establishing himself as essentially the global face of boxing.

He’s the first men’s undisputed super-middleweight champion in history and has had some truly incredible nights.

However, Jermell Charlo seems extremely confident that he will bring something tonight that Canelo has never had to deal with before.

"I don't think Canelo has faced a fighter of my caliber," he said this week.

Canelo vs Charlo LIVE! Result, updates and reaction after huge all-undisputed showdown (26)

"He's been in there with great fighters, but there's something I bring to the table that's a lot different than anyone he's seen. I defy the science of boxing.

"I'm one of the guys from the younger era and I've been fighting my whole life.

“What I've been through in life, a lot of people can't compare to that. I deserve to be in my position and now I get to prove my worthiness."

Canelo vs Charlo prediction

Saturday 30 September 2023 23:15 , George Flood

The gifted and exciting Charlo, who stands four inches taller than his opponent, absolutely has the speed and skills to trouble Canelo and make it an uncomfortable night for the Mexican, certainly through the first few rounds anyway.

However, while Canelo is certainly not big for the weight at super-middle, we ultimately expect the two-division jump to be too much to bridge as he eventually gets worn down as so many others have by the Mexican’s relentless stalking and energy-sapping body punching.

Provided he can cope with the fast hands and footwork on display from Charlo, Canelo should get a late knockout to provide a statement reminder of his enduring class and hopefully tee up either the Bivol rematch or maybe even a delicious clash with David Benavidez.

Canelo to win, via late stoppage.

Canelo vs Charlo LIVE! Result, updates and reaction after huge all-undisputed showdown (27)

Undercard in full

Saturday 30 September 2023 23:13 , George Flood

Yordenis Ugas vs Mario Barrios

Jesus Alejandro Ramos Jr vs Erickson Lubin

Elijah Garcia vs Jose Armando Resendiz

Frank Sanchez vs Scott Alexander

Gabriel Valenzuela vs Yeis Gabriel Solano

Terrell Gausha vs KeAndre Leatherwood

Oleksandr Gvozdyk vs Isaac Rodrigues

Curmel Moton vs Ezequiel Flores

Justin Viloria vs Angel Barrera

Canelo vs Charlo start time

Saturday 30 September 2023 23:12 , George Flood

The undercard action will be underway shortly at the T-Mobile Arena, with the main card action due to commence from 1am BST.

The ring walks for the main event are not expected until around 4am or 4:15am, so it’s either going to be a very late night or a very early morning start for British fight fans, depending on your preference!

Nothing we’re not used to with Vegas showdowns of course.

How to watch Canelo vs Charlo

Saturday 30 September 2023 23:10 , George Flood

TV channel: In the UK, fight fans can watch Canelo vs Charlo live via sports streaming service DAZN as part of their non-pay-per-view service. Subscriptions start from £9.99 per month.

DAZN operates a TV channel at number 429 on Sky.

Live stream: Subscribers can also catch the action live online via the DAZN website and app.

Canelo vs Charlo live

Saturday 30 September 2023 23:00 , George Flood

Canelo Alvarez and Jermell Charlo headline another huge night of boxing in Las Vegas on Saturday.

Two of the sport's undisputed world champions go head to head in tonight's major main event, which is set to be one of the biggest fights of 2023.

The legendary Canelo is out to prove that he remains at the top of his game after that comprehensive defeat by WBA light-heavyweight champion Dmitry Bivol was followed by - albeit dominant - decision wins over faded rival Gennady Golovkin and durable British challenger John Ryder, the latter in front of an adoring home crowd back in May in what was his first fight on Mexican soil since 2011.

But if he isn't, then Charlo might just be the man to make him pay. The skilled, fast and rangy 'Iron Man' certainly has the talent to pose a serious threat tonight as he boldly jumps up two divisions in an attempt to add all the super-middleweight belts to his full collection of titles at 154lbs.

Canelo vs Charlo LIVE! Result, updates and reaction after huge all-undisputed showdown (28)

Before that there is plenty of undercard action to look forward to at the T-Mobile Arena, including the return of Cuba's Yordenis Ugas as he battles Mario Barrios for the WBC interim welterweight title in his first bout since losing the WBA gold he took from Manny Pacquiao and suffering an orbital fracture in the process against Errol Spence Jr last year.

Elijah Garcia, Frank Sanchez, Gabriel Valenzuela and Oleksandr Gvozdyk are among the other notable names on the bill, plus there is the professional debut of exciting Floyd Mayweather protege Curmel Moton.

Canelo vs Charlo LIVE! Result, updates and reaction after huge all-undisputed showdown (2024)
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